It seems about time that I introduced myself properly. My name is Imogen Dowding and I am the co-director on A Derbyshire Childhood. Having graduated from East 15 Acting School just last year, I originally joined this project as assistant director, but when George asked if I would be interested in taking a more active role in directing it was hard to say no. Mainly my responsibilities to this piece are in the way of leading rehearsals, liaising with the actors and Abby, our incredible stage manager, and ultimately putting George’s brilliant words about Allison Uttley on their feet.

As an emerging director, I have a love for new writing and finding the play in texts. Working alongside actors and the creative team to make something exciting and thought provoking to bring to an audience. What I especially love about A Derbyshire Childhood as a play is the joy and nostalgia it brings. Even though we are talking about a time hundreds of years ago there are still feelings and ideas that feel familiar and comforting. Growing up in rural Derbyshire, I have a particular fondness for one scene in which they describe a snow day so intense that everything has to stop. I remember days like this. Cars stuck at the bottom of drives, no school and sledding down the hills surrounding my house. Whilst it’s a lifetime away from Allison’s snow day, the joy and excitement is still the same feeling.

Aside from my endeavours in directing, I am a massive foodie and love cooking new recipes and finding new places to eat with friends. I’m also a very proud plant mum and the proud owner of around 20 houseplants (and counting). And much like Allison I love to read. I very much hope you can make it to come see our little play on the 17th and 18th April and indulge in a little nostalgia, straight from the fields of Derbyshire.